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How to Pick the Perfect Phone Cases

Spills drop, and falls are just a few of the unfortunate events that could ruin your expensive device. If you have ever lost your grip and watched helplessly as your device rocketed towards the ground, then you already know how important protecting your device can be. That experience shows that even if you’ve vowed to be careful, the world is filled with potential tech treachery so it’s best to act preemptively and wrap your phone in a protective case. In this blog, we are going to walk you through exactly how to pick the right phone cases, to ensure it meets your needs and is the right choice to protect your phone. Mobile phone cases in Ireland come in many different shapes and sizes, some have cool designs on whilst others are transparent and are hardly noticeable.


Protection from Impact

The most common problem with the phone is shattered glass screens. Screens are particularly vulnerable to shattering if the point of impact is at a corner of the phone, where the force exerted on the glass is more concentrated. The first thing to work out is how tough you need your case to be, the clumsier you are the tougher your case will be. If you want to be able to drop it on concrete with impunity or have it survive a dip, then you will need some serious protection. If you are careful then you just want basic protection for your phone therefore you don’t need to spend so much. There is a clear trade-off between the level of protection provided and the bulk and weight added. For baseline protection, choose a case made of a shock-absorbent material like silicone or rubber that covers your phone’s vulnerable corners. Avoid plastic cases, they do not effectively absorb shock and are likelier to translate the impact into the device.


Know Your Budget

Budget is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a new phone case. There are phone cases after out there which cost as little, these can offer a layer of protection for your phone. Most likely, it will be hardened plastic material and transparent, it will offer only minimal protection from keeping your phone smashed into pieces but it will most likely keep your phone from scratches and dents. Make sure to shop for a phone case that still looks good and matches your personality but is designed to do the job it was designed for and protect your phone in its moment of need.


Consider Your Needs

This is where you’ll be able to make the judgment call on how thick the protection needs to be. Water damage is less common than screen damage, aquatic accidents tend to occur with long weekends and summers. Some cases offer waterproof and drop-tested cases that withstand surprise dunks features to protect your phone. If you are constantly stretching the limits of your phone’s battery, some cases offer double as chargers like wallet cases that can tote your phone along with other necessities. If you always drop your phone, some cases provide a good level of protection too, it offers full coverage around the edges and a metal clasp that keeps the phone in place.


Choose Your Features

Think about the additional features you might want in a case. For a tablet case, a landscape stand could be vital. Some cases also offer multiple positions as well as 360-degrees hinges. For phones, you’ll generally find kickstands that pop out the back but make sure they are secure because it can be annoying if they pop out uninvited. Write down what you feel is essential and keep it as a checklist while you shop. While you are shopping, you want to think about the features that want for your phone case.


Read the Reviews of Phone Case

Before you buy anything, make sure you read reviews. This is important when you are ordering online, you can’t see the actual case so you need to rely on reviews. Read reviews on the case you like to see what other people who bought the case think about its quality and durability. Look for what reviewers say not only durability but also accessibility.


Choose the Right Phone Cases for Your Lifestyle

There are factors in choosing a new phone case to ensure you get the right one to fit around your lifestyle. If you are someone who works in an office environment then you may not need a heavy-duty case, those on building sites will ensure they have lots of protection. If you want to show your phone’s design you can opt for a cheaper transparent case. These cases are more than enough to protect from scratches and light damage to your phone.


Choosing the Best Features

Choosing the right features that best suit you is an important part of how to pick the right phone case, some offer little stands that are great for those that love to watch on their phone while some offer camera features that enhance the overall picture quality.


A waterproof case may be a feature that you want to consider. This is great for those that listen to music on their phone while they are in the shower, or have a lifestyle that involves water around them a lot of time. 


This phone case has a compartment at the back which allows you to store your cards and cash. These types of cases are designed to store four cards, so you can have your bank card and cash all in the back of your phone case.


This is essentially a small leg that can be pulled out of the phone case to allow your phone to stand up on its own.


Cases may include mounts of all kinds, allowing you to affix your phone to a car’s vents, a magnetic holder, your belt, or even your finger. This is helpful in cars and for bulky cases that won’t easily fit in a standard size pocket.


Case Types

Tough Cases

Bulky with some weight. The inclusion of air pockets and reinforced corners reduce the risk of damage to your device, Easy to grip even with wet hands.

Slim Cases

If the style is more important to you than protection, and you don’t want something too bulky then a slim case is perfect for you. It will protect your phone but only minimal.

Folio Cases

Flip open cases or wallet cases can be pocket-friendly and stylish. If you keep your phone in a bag, this case is perfect as it others all-around protection.

Rugged Cases

If you want a stylish case that will survive a drop, this is the case for you. Slightly bulky but it is built with a layer of polycarbonate and a softer inner layer to absorb shock.

Battery Cases

Battery life is much better than it used to be. Phones are getting bigger and require larger batteries. Unfortunately, space is not always a virtue. If you need to extend the life of your phone, you need a battery case. Designed with a built-in battery that should keep your phone running for a few more hours.


Materials Used

Phone cases are commonly made from plastic but other materials are also used. Here are some of the most usual choices;

Silicone or Rubber

Soft and flexible material, they are generally cheap and provide moderate protection. They add grip to prevent accidental drops.


Offers good scratch and impact resistance. Provide better protection than silicone because of the multiple layers used. They allow for a more intricate and sophisticated design from silicone.


They are used for folio, flip and wallet-style cases. They tend to wear more nicely than plastics but tend to cost more than cases, it offers a classic look and feel.


Isn’t commonly used for smartphone cases as it is costly to produce. Its flexibility also means multiple pieces or adhesive must be used to attach it around your phone. However, it offers a unique look and feels with decent protection.

When it comes to choosing the right phone cases, we know it can be hard because there are so many choices out there now that all offer different perks. Some give you more protection than others while has some added features. Besides, a style phone case should ensure that the phone is always easy to handle. At Style Cases, we make sure you find the perfect phone case for your needs. We consider the model of your specific phone and remember that you can get a personalized case.

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