Phone Cases iPhone 11

Phone Cases iPhone 11

Phone cases are beneficial for their protection and good looking. Phone cases iPhone 11 of Styled cases have been manufactured with great artifice and diligence. Here we present to you our different iPhone 11 cases;

  • Mous Limitless 3.0

This iPhone 11 mous Limitless 3.0 case is made from polycarbonate and TPU (the same material used in riot shields). Mous has also developed its material, AiroShock, capable of absorbing tremendous impact, even from huge heights.

This effective Case from Mujjo is crafted out of high-quality and vegetable-tanned leather. It comes with a handy pouch on the back to keep important cards. It comfortably holds about three. The Mujjo case will protect your iPhone from basic falls. It has been designed to withstand the damage caused by rough materials, such as jean pockets.

  • Clckr Phone Stand and Grip

The Clckr Phone Case has a special trick. There’s a strip on the back that pulls out to form a rigid ‘loop’ to put your hand through for a more secure grip when holding your iPhone one-handed or grabbing a selfie. That’s not all. You can fold one section back against the rear of the Case to produce a kickstand for placing your iPhone on a desk or table for hands-free movie watching or Facetime calls, either in vertical or horizontal orientation.

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