Phone Cases Cheap

Phone cases cheap

Phone cases are beneficial for their protection and also afford a good look. The main thing now a days you can buy numerous cases that offer protection and give it a unique and classy look. Some companies also manufacture cheap phone cases, compromising the quality. Here we present to you different models of cheap phone cases.

Bear Motion Slim

The Bear Motion Slim Case has a very lovely sandstone-like texture. The case is grippy without being so grippy that it sticks in your pocket. It doesn’t feel like the traditional plastic cheap case. The other great thing about this case is how incredibly thin it is. You can find this case for around $8 in our store.

Max boost Perfect Fit.

The Max boosts Perfect Fit is an ultra-thin, hard, snap-on case. It adds barely any thickness to your phone but still protects the corners and back from scratches. This case doesn’t offer the most protection out there. It’s great if you want something thin. You can find this case for around $8 on our website.

Olixar Ultra-Thin

The Olixar Ultra-Thin case is crystal clear, incredibly thin TPU. This is the case to use if you want to still show off your phone but be protected from nasty scratches. It’s also an excellent way to add a little extra grip to a slippery device without making it too bulky. You can find this case for around $10 from Satin Scent.

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