Apple Phone Cases 8 Plus

Apple Phone Cases 8 Plus

The apple phone cases 8 plus perfectly fits on the mobile surface(front and back) without any gap to ensure sensitivity protection. The screen protector is covered with an oleophobic coating to control the fingerprint and smudge. These are only phone cases with screen protectors that you can buy from styled cases. They are not only scratch-resistant but also shatter-resistant.

Our apple phone cases 8 plus are best for the thin mobile glass, to secure the screen from damage. Using these, you can easily reduce the chances of breaking your mobile screen’s expensive LCD. Our cases also reduce the chances of damage screen and tempered glass construction for enhanced impact resistance. The transparent tempered glass is made with silicone adhesive to keep it in place.

The surface hardness is 8-9 H that is stronger than the regular pet film three times. So, the knife, keys, and other sharp objects will not be able to scratch the surface. The oleophobic coating is available in screen protectors to save fingerprints and other impurities that make the screen protector easy to clean. When the screen becomes damaged, the screen protector will break down into small pieces. These pieces would not be as sharper as other market glass screen protectors.

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